5 ways we’re changing the game


1.  low sugar

No rush, no crash

At Mindwell we know it doesn't take heaps of added sugar or artificial ingredients to make healthy food taste great. We design our products with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and just a touch of sugar to help you feel balanced and energized so you can achieve your goals.

2.  Density

Nutrient dense to curb cravings

Lightweight low-calorie snacks can be hard to put down. That’s why we make nutrient-dense jerky instead. When you eat a smaller amount of nutrient dense food with the right balance of macronutrients, it can help curb cravings. Our customers are often pleasantly surprised at how satisfied they feel after noshing on our snacks.

3.  Sophistication

snacks you can show off

You live a sophisticated life, why shouldn’t your snacks get dressed up for work too? Our snacks stand up to scrutiny and keep you going through those long meetings, hard workouts, and unexpected travel plans.

4.  texture

Something new for your repertoire

Shape and texture play an important role in taste, and those lackluster jerky sticks just don't cut it anymore. Get ready for a softer and less salty taste.

5.  plants for the planet

more plants = less emissions

We make plant jerky to help reduce emissions and conserve freshwater for future generations. Agriculture and food production are responsible for 25% of global emissions. Increasing meat consumption worldwide is a major contributor to a predicted 80% increase in those emissions by 2050. Switching away from meat and eating more plant based proteins is one important way to fight climate change.