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Shamelessly meaty plant based jerky
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"our riders loved the snacks!"

— Soul cycle

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Our philosophy

We believe food should power your body and clear your mind so you can achieve your goals. When you don't have to worry about added sugar or hidden ingredients, you can just focus on living your best life. 


Our products

It's our mission to design snacks that keep your body and mind feeling balanced and energized. All of our products are plant based and gluten-free with no added sugar, built to carry with you wherever you go.


our values

WE believe a clear mind + a Strong body can help YOU achieve your goals.

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"I love to keep these with me when I’m on the go."

-Nzinga Young, Blogger @veginzinga


"The perfect snack for my first long run after the race!"

-Alexandra Mack, Fitness Model + Marathoner