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Staying Healthy on the Road

During the holiday season, travel can be a source of dread. Endless holiday travel to parties and family get-togethers often threatens the hard work you’ve put in on your body all year. However, surviving the holidays with both your sanity and health uncompromised is possible. Here are a few helpful hints to keep you healthy on the road this year.

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Vitamin D: Should You Supplement?

As the temperature drops and the daylight hours shorten, you may find yourself with less time and inclination to be outside. One essential benefit to being outside is sun exposure and subsequent vitamin D synthesis. However, depending on where you live, you may not get enough exposure to the sun during the fall and winter months to make adequate vitamin D.

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Coconut oil: healing salve or harmful fad?

So you bought a jar of coconut oil. Maybe you picked it up thinking you’d replace butter for something healthier. However, as big as the hype is on the health benefits of coconut oil, it's also notorious for its saturated fat content, leaving a health conscious individual as yourself in limbo. Let's consider what we know.

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