How to Stay Vegan on Your Summer Vacation

Photo by  Toa Heftiba

Photo by Toa Heftiba


Grab your swimsuit, flip flops, the book you’ve been dying to read, and dive into summer vacation. Now is the time to unwind, relax, and enjoy yourself. Sure, have fun, indulge in a couple more drinks than you might normally, but there’s no reason to sacrifice your health when a little homework and creative thinking will make all the difference in your energy, mindset, and well-being.

Here’s how you can stay on track with your plant based life during your summer vacation:

1)    Do your research.

Check out Yelp, Happycow, and Instagram for the latest restaurant reviews from fellow vegan travelers. There are even some dedicated blogs out there highlighting vegan options at places like Disneyworld. Keep a list on your phone of all the places you want to try.

2)    Visit the local market.

Whether you’re staying in a beach house, hotel, or a campground, fresh veggies will travel. You can snack on fresh berries in the car or grab asparagus and mushrooms to grill at your campsite. Check out the local Chamber of Commerce in the town you’re traveling to or ask the locals for the best places and times to find local fare. 

3)    Pack snacks.

Bring along your favorite snacks from home or hit up the local grocery store. Load up on your favorite nuts, dried fruits, vegan jerky, chickpea snacks, and chopped veggies. Pack a cooler in the back of your car or stash non-perishables in your bag. Knowing you have a hearty snack on hand if the vegan selections are slim will deter hangry feelings that could lead to unhealthy food choices. 

4)    Plan your trip around food or don’t.

Some places are the equivalent to a vegan mecca which can be exciting but also overwhelming. Don’t stress about trying all the vegan food but focus rather on making memories with your friends and family. Bon Appétit has a great article in their latest magazine about planning your travels around food. Check out the inspiring article here

5)    Keep a good attitude and maintain realistic expectations.

Your travels may take you to obscure places where the vegan options may seem questionable at best. So, when in doubt, speak up! Chefs and servers at many restaurants can be both helpful and creative to ensure you get a healthy plant-based meal. Keep an open mind when it comes to eating out. When it seems like there are absolutely NO options besides maybe french fries and an iceberg lettuce salad, stick to water and know that you have a stash of snacks back in your hotel room or your backpack. Eating a granola bar, vegan jerky, or a bag of popcorn will be a lot more satisfying than caving in and eating an animal-based meal. You will feel better knowing you made the best choice for your body. 

Happy travels!

Bridget Henley