Staying Healthy on the Road

Photo by Toa Heftiba

Photo by Toa Heftiba


During the holiday season, travel can be a source of dread. You may feel that the endless holiday travel to parties and family get-togethers threatens the hard work you’ve put in all year. However, surviving the holidays with both your sanity and health uncompromised is possible. Staying healthy on the road is easy with just a few helpful hints.


Stay hydrated

Pack your water bottle and bump up your hydration game with electrolytes. You can find many powders on the market that contain sodium and potassium to help balance fluid in your body. These are helpful to keep on hand if you travel somewhere warm, plan to exercise vigorously, or in case of a GI emergency (i.e. traveler’s diarrhea). Make your own balancing water by combining lemon, salt and honey.



Whether it’s traveling a few hours across the state or across time zones, any trek can wreak havoc on the quality and quantity of your sleep hours. Make the hours you do sleep count by creating an inviting space for entering dreamland. Late nights and unfamiliar places can be quite the distraction from your norm but forgoing your healthy nighttime routine will lead to a domino effect of self-destruction. Limit caffeine and alcohol and drink plenty of water before you sleep.

Pack a sleeping mask and ear plugs. A sleeping mask drowns out unnecessary stimulation and will help you relax and sleep whether it’s in a hotel room or the passenger seat of a car. Ear plugs will do the same for peripheral noise. Last, when sleeping somewhere new, try to check the temperature of the room and adjust as able. A hot room is not conducive to good sleep, will dehydrate you and could even cause a pounding morning headache.



Combat long hours of sitting and good eats with movement. Take a walk with family after dinner or sneak away for a run or yoga sesh in the morning long before the coffee brews.



The combined stress of traveling and familial relations affects your mental health. Whether it’s journaling or listening to a meditation podcast, take care of the precious matter between your ears!


Eat right for you

Dietary changes or preferences? Tell your host ahead of time and offer to bring a dish to ensure your needs are met. If you’re staying at a hotel or restaurant in a new area, research menus online and call restaurants ahead to ensure they can accommodate your dietary needs. There’s no need to compromise your lifestyle when you’re on the road — it simply takes a little planning and communication!


Pack snacks

Strolling the gas station or airport convenience store in times of hungered desperation is a recipe for disaster. Plan ahead by packing snacks. The best snacks are a combination of hydrating fresh fruits and veggies with satiating protein and fat. Fill a small cooler bag with water, hummus, chopped fruit and veggie sticks. Top your cooler with non-perishable goodies such as mixed nuts, dried fruit, and ZANA superfood bites — a delicious and healthy pairing! Healthy snacking on the road is fun and makes you feel good! Snacking also reduces unhealthy food cravings, stabilizes blood sugar and keeps your wellness goals in check.

Safe travels!

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